Donald Trump´s triumph is a punishment for the governments of the establishment


Affirming that “with the TPP we will see who is the boss: the US President orthe international corporations,” Chilean Senator Alejandro Navarro made his appreciation regarding the results of the presidential elections in the United States.

For the congressman, “Donald Trump´s triumph in the US, is one more example of how citizens around the world are taking account of the social democratic governments who campaign with a left wing speech, with promises of equality and social justice, but when they come to power they rule together with the right wing and serving businesspeople“.

According to the legislator for the “Pais” Party, “we are witnessing a new era, we are witnessing the punishment of the governments of the establishment; people are tired of handing power to those who offer just more of the same and have opted for a Donald Trump, that although represents a dark side of the yankee culture, he also knew how to depict the tedium of precarious sectors with neoliberalism, globalization and precarious jobs.”

“We must not forget that in the United States”, he recalled, “supposedly the richest, powerful and most influential country in the world, live 45 million people in poverty or close to it, many of them daily eating through ticket supplies delivered by the government”.

Navarro also pointed out that “this also leaves a lesson to the left wing, which is to create a credible alternative for the unity of workers, before the right wing continues triumphing based on the discomfort of the popular classes, breeding ground for populists speeches”.

Regarding the new geopolitical scenario, Navarro said that, “hopefully it will mean an end to the hostile policy and global interventionism of the CIA, especially towards countries like Venezuela, Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan and a new focus on its efforts on creating jobs for Americans, as Trump promised in his campaign”.


Pais Party parliamentarian, who from the beginning has expressed its stance contrary to the international treaty, TPP, criticized Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Munoz, who has publicly expressed concern about the tough stance against the TPP of the new US president.

For Senator Navarro, “it turned out that Heraldo Munoz is more neoliberal than Donald Trump himself. It is unacceptable his desperation to cede our sovereignty to international corporations, since the government has failed to demonstrate a single benefit for Chileans”

Senator Alejandro Navarro concluded saying that, “I hope Donald Trump willfulfill his promise to reject the TPP, because if Obama wants an express approval, the newly elected president has broad powers to repeal the free trade agreement”.

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