“ENEL Italy contaminates children with heavy metals in Chile”

“Research done by the Institute of Public Health and the Investigation Police of Chile have already confirmed that the city of Coronel is contaminated in the air, sea and land with heavy metals. But the worst part is that thousands of children in the community have mercury, cadmium, lead and even arsenic in their blood, “said Senator Alejandro Navarro prior to his trip to Italy to denounce the pollution in the Biobio Region.

The president of the Senate Human Rights Commission added that “a few days ago I met with the chairman of ENEL Chile, Herman Chadwick Piñera, in order to inform him about the pollution crisis that exists today in Coronel, where the thermoelectric Bocamina, owned by his company, has expelled heavy metals to the environment for decades”.

“But since he did not seem to understand the critical situation, we decided to travel to Rome to speak directly with the CEO of Enel worldwide, Francesco Starace and denounce what is happening in Chile before the Italian authorities of the Government and Parliament,” he added.

“Therefore,” he continued, “we will go together with Juana Hernandez, President of the Association of Heavy Metal Carrying Families, so that she, as leader of thousands of victims affected by this situation, as a mother of children contaminated by heavy metals, can expose before the authorities and the media in Italy about the crisis caused by ENEL”.

According to Navarro, “ENEL seems to have forgotten that both Chile and Italy signed the 2015 Paris Agreement, since their Bocamina thermoelectric plant is schedule to finish its operations only in the year 2052, that is, in 33 more years!”

“Meanwhile, the 116,000 inhabitants of Coronel, and especially their children, live and grow with dangerous levels of Mercury, Lead, Vanadium, Arsenic and other heavy metals in their blood, with the constant risk of suffering alterations in the skin, circulatory disorders, mucosal irritation, cancer of the bladder, lung or skin, chronic renal failure, neurological effects or cognitive deficit, among others, as the population will continue to be exposed by inhalation, water consumption and intake of fish and shellfish”, he assured.

Navarro concluded by noting that “we have scheduled meetings with parliamentarians, Italian authorities and from the European Union, in order to denounce this situation right there in Rome, so I hope that Francesco Starace will understand that ENEL can not continue polluting a whole city, nreaking in Chile the Climatic Agreement of Paris 2015, and turning Coronel into a Sacrifice Zone “.

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