“Foreign Minister´s Declaration in Lima seeks a coup d’état in Venezuela”

Peru's Foreign Minister Ricardo Luna along with Foreign Ministers and representatives from across the Americas, give a news conference after a meeting to discuss issues related to the Venezuelan crisis, in Lima

Chilean senator and presidential candidate, Alejandro Navarro, said that “this group of Foreign Ministers is clearly looking for US military intervention in Venezuela.

According to Navarro, “this is an immoral declaration, which is clearly seeking the military intervention of another country, like the United States, in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; therefore, seeking a coup d´état”.

“These chancellors”, he added, “have contributed to disinformation, to having a partial way of seeing events, as happened in our nations during the 1970s, when many of us had to go through bloody dictatorships because of US and CIA interference in democratically elected governments, as we know now from the documents revealed by the same US state agency”.

“Therefore,” he continued, “it hurts to see how men and women who in their youth saw or even lived the atrocities of military dictatorships in their own flesh, today seem to have forgotten that, to have forgotten their principles, their convictions, and decided to follow the game of the US foreign policy, that the only thing that seeks is to re-appropriate Venezuelan oil”.

“Because I doubt that anyone in their right mind may think that the United States interest in Venezuela is for “democracy”; just ask the citizens of Iraq, Libya, or the older generations of our own country, who lived the Yankee fury after Allende nationalized the copper”, stressed the Chilean presidential candidate.

“Fortunately, most countries understand the substance of this, which is why of the 33 nations summoned to Lima, only 17 attended, and of these, just 12 signed the declaration”, he said.

Alejandro Navarro concluded by stressing that, “the Chilean Foreign Minister´s way of acting is incomprehensible given his personal history. And the same thing happens with the rest of the chancellors, because it does not seem typical of those who have lived a dictatorship. But it is clear that all those who have supported this statement do it in the worst way: inciting a coup d’état. ”

“So if this happens, they must be held morally responsible, since everything indicates that they want to repeat the story of the ’70s, where a powerful country like the United States invaded in one way or another ours, propitiating dictatorships that had as a result, thousands of people killed, disappeared detainees, leaving millions of people that till this day and age, have not been able to recover”, ended Partido Pais presidential candidate.

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