“I hope they kill you”: threat to Navarro for denouncing Piñera in Bloomberg case


Alejandro Navarro explained that “after we denounced former President Sebastian Piñera, some people trolled us on Facebook and Twitter, asking us to leave him alone”.

“But we were not expecting death threats, as someone clearly did towards me, so we have requested the Investigations Police Cybercrime Unit to discover who did this because we do not want it to happen ever again, to anyone”, he added.

A denunciation for death threats, has presented the Chilean Senator Alejandro Navarro, due to harsh messages directed towards him on Facebook and Twitter, just after the congressman filed a criminal complaint against the former president, Sebastian Piñera, in which he asked the Prosecutor to cite to declare Financial Time´s journalist, Jude Webber, who in 2010 reported in the newspaper that Piñera maintained in the presidential office a Bloombergterminal, instrument with which he could have bought and sold shares at the time he was the head of state.

Navarro expressed that, “these hate messages have been directed towards me in our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and come from the same user, which we believe is not a real person, but a fake ID created just to write these posts and tweets that could constitute a crime”.

Between the lines of great calibre is expressed: “…Piñera made it very clear that he had no Bloomberg…; I wish youto be killed by bullets…”; “…leave Piñera alone or you will see…”, as other offensive comments, disqualifications and threats left in the official fan page Alejandro Navarro Brain and Partido País, all accompanied by a defence to the former president.

Jonathan Diaz, General Secretary of the party, commented that “yesterday, after the interposition of Navarro´s criminal complaint against Piñera, these threats began to appear on our website; threats of death and insults towards our party’s senator, which we are not going to accept because everyone should be free to express an opinion, but noone can do it with this level of hate”.

The senator meanwhile, described this as “serious. It is necessary for the prosecutor to investigate because we do not want it to happen again. We do not want these threats to reach any citizen who seeks to denounce or ask to investigate any irregularities in the country, or in this case, the possible irregularities committed by former President Sebastián Piñera”.

Alejandro Navarro ended saying that “we are going to continue denouncing Piñera and any other case in which we consider that there is conclusive evidence to present before the Courts. If they believe that with these threats they will silence us, they are wrong. We will remain firmer than ever”.

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