“OAS Secretary General is a subordinate to the US”


  • Chilean Senator Alejandro Navarro condemned the interference of the Organization of American States authority in Venezuela, who, “following United States orders, keeps trying to set out the rules for President Nicolas Maduro”.

As “unacceptable”, branded Senator Navarro, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, summoning of Venezuela´s government, country against which the OAS might invoke the democracy clause, at the request of deputies from the right wing.

The Broad Social Movement (MAS in Spanish) leader, said that “it is certainly strange this obsessive and repetitive attitude that Almagro has against Maduro and Venezuela, as he is in the contrary, deaf and silent about serious situations that occur in countries such as Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, among others”.

Senator criticized Secretary General’s visit to the Chilean capital, and commented that “instead of riding a horse with the Secretary of former President Sebastian Pinera, Almagro, a self-promoted “defender” of human rights, should have gone to the Araucania and learned about the living conflict of Mapuche communities, which the State stripped of their land, and today rebukes militarising the area”.

“There are children the police has shot with pellets; older adults and even pregnant women who have been beaten. He should go and visit them, as well as Mapuche political prisoners, instead of coming to Chile to defend criminals from other countries, such as Leopoldo Lopez”, he emphasized.

Navarro added that “it is illogical that Almagro comes to Chile, but does not relate to our situation, instead, tries to set out the rules for another president, recommending Maduro to apply the amnesty law for “political prisoners”, when the fact is that in Venezuela, politicians are in prison due to the violation of their country´s Constitution.

“It is quite bipolar“, he continued, “as Almagro tries to portray Lopez as a “white dove”, saying he is imprisoned for giving a speech at a stage, when the truth is, he was convicted on charges of arson, public incitement, damaging public property and criminal conspiracy”.

“All of these with the aggravating circumstances of the Organic Law against organized crime and terrorism financing; this in relation to the deplorable acts of violence incited by the right-wing, which ended with the lives of 43 people, following the call made to mobilize and to ignore the electoral victory of President Maduro, which Lopez himself called “The Exit”, and that in the US would have sentenced him to death penalty or life imprisonment”, he added.

“Moreover”, Navarro carried on, “Almagro has never taken the time to speak of the Venezuelans killed in these so-called “guarimbas”, nor to meet their families”.

The congressman complemented: “I have not seen the same intensity and force that criticizes and speaks ill of Chavismo – repeating the same slogans of the Venezuelan right-wing – referring to the situation and violation of human rights of detainees in US prison Guantanamo; nor has come to defend Latin Americans expelled from the United States, or has referred to the serious racism that has led to dozens of deaths in North America, forgetting the 14 minors sentenced to life imprisonment in the country to which he provides obedience”.

Navarro asked, “What has Almagro done to summon Mexican President Peña Nieto, in order to clarify what happened to the 43 missing students? What has he done to release Milagro Sala in Argentina, an indigenous leader and Member of Parliament of Mercosur (Parlasur), who was detained for the right-wing government that seeks to criminalize social protest? Nothing. He is only focused on Maduro and Venezuela, because the Secretary General of the OAS is a subordinate to the US”.

“It may be recalled,” he continued, “the neoliberal and pro-US attitude that Almagro took in order to reach the OAS, which caused the former President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, to send a public letter to cut all ties with him because of his actions, contrary to political and ethical principles but that led him to get the main post at this international organization”.

Navarro brought back the letter he and representatives Hugo Gutierrez and Camila Vallejo sent in 2015 to the leader of the OAS, expressing “our concern about the degree of intervention that he was taking against the Bolivarian Republic”.

“We criticized Almagro´s electoral intervention”, he recollected, “as the OAS leader, in an unprecedented way and without asking any of the 35 countries that make up the organization, sent a long letter to Mrs. Tibisay Lucena, president of the Venezuelan National Electoral Council, questioning the work done by the Electoral Commission of a sovereign country”.

“Therefore, we still hope Luis Almagro´s apologize to Venezuela, as he questioned their electoral system, which is considered one of the best in the world, and that – during the last election won by the opposition – showed no irregularity in the process”, Navarro ended.

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