Donald Trump is an elephant in the middle of a glass factory

Expressing that “in the same way that Chile opposed the invasion in Iraq, something that fills me with pride, today our country must condemn this direct attack on Syria, as it violates various international treaties,” Senator Alejandro Navarro referred To the United States bombing on the Shayrat airbase, with 59 Tomahawk missiles.

The presidential candidate for PAIS Party, added that, “Donald Trump’s justification for directly attacking Syrian soil, based on the Sarin gas attack on an Idlib village last Tuesday, is certainly a big mistake, because first of all, it is not yet clear who perpetrated the horrible chemical attack, which by the way must be investigated by the United Nations independently”.

“Therefore, the aforementioned attack on the population can not be used as an excuse to carry out direct bombings in Syria, because we know that violence only brings more violence, more deaths, more destruction and that is what Trump is provoking today, a leader who looks like an elephant in a glass factory”, he said.

“In addition,” Navarro continued, “by attacking a military base of the Syrian government, all that is achieved is to weaken its armed forces and give more opportunities to the Islamic State, which will increase the international crisis and could create a new conflict between Russia and the United States”.

The member of the Senate Human Rights Commission recalled that, “we already saw it with Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003, with the justification of finding nuclear weapons, which never appeared, but that left a country destroyed, with studies that speak of up to 1 million people killed between military and civilians”.

“And today,” he continued, “an excuse is again used to attack another country, a new US military intervention in a nation that is not its own, continuing with this criticized foreign policy of meddling in all places where the internal situation is not convenient for Washington”.

“So here are the natural resources of Syria, which like Iraqi oil -now in the hands of international corporations -, will be claimed for their own benefit,” added Navarro.
“In addition, Syria’s geographic position makes it a strategic target for US geopolitics in Asia and the Middle East, as it borders Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel, as well as with the Mediterranean Sea”, he said.

Navarro added that, “because of all this, it is clear that Syria has become a desirable loot for the world powers, where in addition, they have just spent about $ 60 million, as each Tomahawk missile costs about 1 million, in an arms industry that generates trillions of dollars each year and where the United States has 6 of the 10 largest manufacturing companies in the world”.

According to Alejandro Navarro, “therefore we urge the Chilean government, on behalf of the State and all its citizens, to condemn this attack, because it will only bring more violence, more chaos and more deaths.”

“What is needed here is to resume peace talks on Syria in Geneva, between the Bashar al-Assad government and the opposition, and that is what all the democratic nations of the world should ask for, since it is the only solution so no more people, no more boys and girls, will continue to die by force of arms”, the PAIS party presidential candidate finished.

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