“ENEL´s Group CEO, Francesco Starace, violates Paris Climate Agreement in Chile”

“At the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, 195 countries including Chile and Italy, signed the first binding agreement that establishes a global action plan to put the limit of global warming well below 2ºC. But ENEL Group left aside its thermoelectric plant in the city of Coronel”, said Chilean Senator Alejandro Navarro, ahead of his trip to Rome from April 11th to 16th to denounce the pollution in Chile.

The parliamentarian said that “the Paris Agreement recognizes the importance of avoiding, minimizing and dealing with damages due to the effects of climate change. Therefore, it was agreed that developed countries, such as Italy, will finance developing countries, such as Chile, with at least US$100,000 million a year from 2020, for mitigation and adaptation. “

“Likewise,” he continued, “the European Union resolved to take measures to reduce emissions by at least 40% by 2030”.

“But none of this seems to matter to Enel´s Group CEO, Francesco Starace, because even though he has received awards and has publicly met with environmental leaders, the reality is that his company is the protagonist of a catastrophe in the city of Coronel, in the Biobío Region of Chile”, he added.

Navarro recalled: “The Bocamina Thermoelectric Plant, located in the District of Coronel and owned by ENEL, has generated a series of impacts on the environment and on the health of the people living in that city, affecting for decades the quality of life and welfare of their 116,000 inhabitants”.

“As investigations of the Ministry of Health and the Investigative Police of Chile have confirmed the presence of heavy metals both in the environment and in people, the most extreme situation affecting thousands of children who have dangerous levels of Mercury, Lead, Vanadium, Arsenic and other heavy metals in their blood”, he added.

“But the worst” he said, “is that Bocamina is planned to end their operations just in 2052, that is, in 33 more years!”.

“We are going to denounce this situation before the Italian authorities and the European Union, so I hope that Francesco Starace understands that ENEL can not continue to contaminate an entire city in this way, breaking the Paris Climate Agreement in Chile and converting Coronel into a Sacrifice Zone”, Senator Alejandro Navarro ended.

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