In the coup against Dilma, silence makes us accomplices

By Alejandro Navarro Brain*

On the first day of January of 2015, I travelled to Brasilia to attend Dilma Rousseff´s presidential inauguration.

I returned to Chile on the same flight as Chilean President Michelle Bachelet with a bittersweet taste. I saw difficult times coming for Brazil.

Because the assumption of Dilma, occurred in a context of budget issues; the corruption case of Petrobras splashing several political parties.

Therefore, of little worth was the result of the management of the two governments of Lula Da Silva and the previous one from Rousseff, in which they lifted 36 million people out of extreme poverty.

Dilma represents initiatives that struck the heart of inequality in Latin America: the excellent results of “More Doctors” (Mais Medicos) program, or the housing program, “My Home, My Life “, among many other achievements.

Dilma and her government represent a problem for some world powers that still believe Latin America is their backyard: unforgivable are those who have dared to associate with India, Russia, China and South Africa within the BRICS group.

We are now facing a historic event in Brazil, in America, in the world. We are witnessing a coup created by economic and political interests, spectacularly placed in the media.

What stability awaits Brazil from now on with this established model of a parliamentary coup?

Do we believe that we will not have consequences in Chile of the coup being processed these days? Do we just care about ourselves?

Some people do not like when we raise the issue that we are now facing a coup; that remind us of when Latin American dictatorships of the 70s and 80s, forbade us of saying that we actually were living in dictatorships, in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay.

Today, it does not exist a proven crime by President Rousseff. There is no evidence at all of which she is now being accused of.

Democracy is at stake, a staging that has astonished everyone and has had an overwhelming rejection from countless presidents, parliamentarians, academics, scholars, lawyers, artists and unions from all over the world.

The illogical issue, is that it has been Eduardo Cunha, suspended since May in his capacity as president of the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil, investigated for corruption, who has enabled the impeachment. Perhaps seeking to negotiate his impunity.

Temer himself, president of the coup, has been investigated in different causes: Lava Jato inquiry or Castle Arena inquiry, which prosecuted him 20 years ago.

It would be an unpardonable naivety to believe that this only points to Dilma. The target is Lula Da Silva, who has high approval ratings as the best president in the history of Brazil and is a strong candidate for the next national election of 2018.

This soft coup, a parliamentarian coup, is a blow to the Brazilian people.

40 years ago, the former presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in the United States, Bernie Sanders, warned of a looming coup in Chile, which was planned in the United States.

And it occurred.

Sanders has been denouncing the coup in Brazil, along with other Democrats form the whole world, for a long time now.

Behaving like absent-minded or maintaining an aseptic neutrality, will have consequences.

Lula will probably return to the presidency in 2018. It is not necessary to be really smart to realise who did something for democracy in Brazil at critical times.

Silence can be a virtue in diplomacy; however in politics it can also be viewed as complicity.

It’s like when we participate harder than the United States itself in the creation of the TPP hoping that China, our main trading partner, will not react in the short or medium term.

In geopolitics, ingenuity can be closely related to stupidity.

I hope from the Government of President Bachelet, a clear pronunciation and maximum solidarity with Dilma Rousseff and most importantly, with the democratic continuity in Brazil.

* President of the Human Rights Commission of the Senate of Chile


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