“The US cannot do with Venezuela what it did in Chile in 1973”

Chilean Senator Alejandro Navarro, together with the People´s Bicentennial Union, and various political and social organisations, visited this Tuesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to formally ask Chancellor Heraldo Munoz, to request that President Michelle Bachelet firmly reject any attempt of destabilization and interventionism of the United States in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The congressman said that “Chile has the political and historical duty to establish a clear position regarding this hostile policy and interventionism towards a sister country like Venezuela, as in 2017 the US is using the same tactics that it used in Chile in the 1970s’, which helped to overthrow the democratic government of the Unidad Popular, led by President Salvador Allende”.

The parliamentarian added that “even though Venezuela has problems like every country, Venezuelan democracy has the necessary institutional mechanisms to solve them. Thus, Articles 72 and 73 of their Constitution lay the foundations for the recall referendum, an instrument that the opposition has not been able to use since the National Electoral Council of Venezuela (CNE) found that the opposition had admitted more than 600,000 fraudulent firms within the framework of the process”.

According to Navarro, “we cannot once again suffer the embarrassment of 2002, when we were the only Latin-American country to supporting a coup in Venezuela, recognizing at that time the de facto government installed by the rancid Venezuelan oligarchy obeying the US, even though the Chilean government knew that, thus, giving rise to that embarrassing diplomatic setback”.

The PAIS Party senator said that “Venezuela is a country with a democratic system in full exercise, in which almost 80% of Venezuelans participate in popular elections; they elect their governors by popular election; native people have representation in Parliament; there is a recall referendum, and above all, there is a democratic and participatory Constitution, that placed their natural resources at the service of the people, thereby ensuring the right to education, health, housing, culture and participation”.

“It is precisely this form of relationship between the Venezuelan authorities and their citizens, which has put Venezuela in the sights of the US” he added.

“Because the question is, how can the richest country in Latin America, with the largest oil reserves on Earth and being the third-largest producer in the world, run out of food? Well, the answer is one, there is business speculation and there is an economic boycott, just like it happened in Chile in the 1970´s, of which there is strong evidence in the declassified CIA files”.

In this sense Navarro indicated that the US goal is to seize Venezuela’s natural resources: “we are absolutely certain that if there was no oil in Venezuela, Donald Trump and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) would not be in this offensive.”

“This is why we consider that it is the duty of Chile to support the sovereign will of citizens who in 2013 chose Nicolas Maduro as president of Venezuela and give a clear signal that Chile respects the principle of self-determination of the people, of non-interference and of international solidarity”, concluded the presidential candidate.

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