“The world knows that the impeachment against Dilma is a Coup d’etat”


Stating that “little by little, day by day, more and more information comes to light regarding the Machiavellian plan orchestrated against Dilma”, Chilean Senator Alejandro Navarro referred to new reports made by global media, that confirm the machination of the Brazilian elite in order to prepare the impeachment to Rousseff.

The Broad Social Movement (MAS in Spanish) senator, who this Wednesday led a pro Dilma demonstration by representatives in the Parliament in Valparaiso, explained that, “Globo for example, one of the largest broadcasters in the world and whose TV channel is daily watched by almost 100 million Brazilians, has been accused by these viewers and various media for inciting the Coup against Dilma”.

“New York Times Photographer Mauricio Lima”, he continued, “2016 Pulitzer winner, as well as news agencies like RT and Al Jazeera, have referred to the tactics of Globo to manipulate the news and influence public opinion on the impeachment”.

“Which reminds of the 1993 British documentary called Beyond Citizen Kane, that denounced the broadcaster for their new´s treatment, cultural power that sported and their support for various post dictatorship right wing governments, and that after so many years, it continues as then”, he said.

Navarro added that, “and not just these agencies, because newspapers as influential worldwide as The Guardian or thinkers as Noam Chomsky, Atilio Boron or Boaventura de Sousa, have spoken out against this coup against Dilma, stating very clearly that it was prepared by corralled corrupt politicians, who needed to divert media attention”.

“Moreover,” added, “the UN, OAS, UNASUR, the 1980 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel and the Journalist and 2014 Pulitzer winner, Glenn Greenwald, have all questioned the impeachment for undemocratic, saying it is a political indictment, that does not warrant impeachment”.

For the Biobio region senator, “the risible, is that Dilma is accused of moving funds to meet social needs, which will benefit millions of people from those resources, however, Obama, Cameron, Macri and many others, have spent more money to bail out irresponsible bankers and entrepreneurs, so these will continue to be enormously rich”.

The parliamentarian said that “I thought we were alone in this and that what happened in the 60s and 70s would be repeated, when the CIA destroyed the South American democracies and installed dictatorships in our nations, which brought only death and the capitalist system to our people”.

“But it is clear for me today”, he added, “when reading global media and very influential personalities that we are not alone, because everyone knows that the impeachment against Dilma is a Machiavellian plan of the Brazilian elite, together with agents from other countries, in order to divert attention from their corruption trials and seize power through a coup”.

Navarro continued: “and what Temer is doing today in Brazil is that, since he took the presidency in a fraudulent manner, not by the ballot box, with the citizens’ vote, but helped by the Globo network, that has brainwashed thousands of Brazilians who have forgotten the trials of corrupt politicians with this impeachment to Dilma”.

“But these are not the 70s. Today´s citizens are empowered and they can not longer be lied to as before. Millions of people read, investigate, inform themselves and despite the conspiracy by these powerful but corralled politicians, the people are awake. What they have done to Dilma is only temporary; the corrupt will fall sooner rather than later, ” concluded MAS Senator.

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